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NBC Revolution Fic: Charm Free Prompts

Prompt Me: Charm Free Edition

...or Charloe-free edition, if that's what rocks your boat. Hey, it's my banner!

Anyhow, much as I love writing Bass/Charlie, I was talking to Bea2me the other day and she reminded me that I used to be the rare pair writer of the fandom (although to be fair, that is mostly because I shipped Jeremy with owt that moved). So, prompt me for anything (it doesn't have to be a rare pair) that isn't Charlie/Bass.

If you want reblog this post and give me a prompt using the following format:

Character(s) – use a & if you want gen or / if you want a relationship Scenario – coffeeshop au/forced alliance/AU/Crossover

I will try and write something for every prompt, but the muse occasionally kicks the bucket over and runs away. Post open until Sunday or the first 5 prompts.

Fight Miles Fight

Prompt Me!

The rules: pick a trope from the list below and a pairing from Revolution and/or The Tomorrow People and I will write you a fic. If it isn’t a pairing I like, I’ll probably write something short. I will try and write something for every post.

(If you want to prompt Supernatural, Nikita or another fandom I don’t mention run with it. I just don’t promise it will be in character)

((If I have already written that trope with that pairing, I will ask you to change one or t’other.))

**If you have prompted me before and didn’t say thank you, not writing you owt. It’s my new rule. I know it sounds prissy, but it saves me getting humpy about this shit for-freaking-ever so…

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom & pairing and I’ll tell you something about the story I’d write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write)

  1. bodyswap

  2. pretending to be married/fake dating

  3. high school/college AU

  4. telepathy

  5. handcuffed together

  6. snowed-in/huddling for warmth

  7. next-door neighbors AU

  8. secretly a virgin

  9. be careful what you wish for

  10. accidental baby acquisition

  11. truth or dare

  12. sharing a bed

  13. road trip

  14. groundhog’s day/time travel

  15. curtain fic/domestic fic

Fight Miles Fight

NBC Revolution

I liked this episode - although it didn't focus on any of the character arcs I care about much. Rachel and her 'ew, you pervy little dangerous man' looks at Horne were about the best of her stuff, Miles just got to slope about mostly and Charlie got nothing. I am worried about Charlie.

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Fight Miles Fight

Prompt Me

I am going to be unbelievably busy during October. So I want some prompts to keep my brain ticking over on the writing front :D

So, come up with a one sentence summary of the fic you want and I’ll see what I can do. I mostly write NBC Revolution, but I’ll take a look at SPN. Lost Girl or Nikita if there’s a prompt anyone wants to see. Or a crossover!

(If I have written something close, I’ll link you to that :D)

They might be short and they might take a while!

Fight Miles Fight

Revolution: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Rating: NC 17
Length: 1092
Fandom: NBC Revolution
Character: Tom Neville, Julia Neville

Tom threw the tie on the bed and stripped off the gigolo’s suit the President had dressed him it. The hot, wet heat of the place meant he was already sweating, his skin damp with sweat. His reflection stared back at him, all hard edges and striations of ridged pink and white scars. Wounds earned honourably in service to the Monroe Republic, scars of a warrior. And now what was he?
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Revolution: He Never Promised Her a Rose Garden

Title: He Never Promised Her a Rose Garden
Rating: NC 17
Length: 1,057
Fandom: NBC Revolution
Character/Pairing: Miles Matheson/Nora Clayton,

Nora Clayton was bad-ass and ruthless, but sometimes that just didn't seem enough. Not when your rival was Rachel Matheson, brave, brilliant and broken like a china doll. She was tragic,how could you fight with that? Even trying made you the villain.

Part 2 of the HANDS ON series.

Read the fic on A03

Fight Miles Fight

Revolution: Shot to the Heart

Title: Shot to the Heart
Rating: NC 17
Length: 747
Fandom: NBC Revolution
Character/Pairing: Charlie/Bass

And because he was the only thing that worked. She didn't know why, didn't understand it, didn't like it – but the the man who'd broken her family was the only thing that coaxed heat into her belly.

Read the fic on A03